Plant Hire Service in Chatton, Northumberland

Farm work

Flexible plant hire

Our Chatton-based business has a plant hire arm enabling our clients across Northumberland to source the plant machinery they need for a variety of projects. Processes for which we can provide useful equipment include drainage work, excavating lakes, installing new roads and pathways and undertaking groundwork.

As we know that clients can differ hugely in their requirements for plant machinery, we offer both short- and long-term hire deals. We can also take close account of your budget when you approach us to hire machinery from our experienced and dedicated team.

What equipment do you need?

The range of plant machinery we have available for hire is vast and includes 360° excavators fitted with tilt-rotating heads. Wheeled diggers as well as ‘excavators’ – which combine elements of tractors and excavators – are also available.

We know that sometimes when working on a farm, peak times could see you striving for a few extra wheels. Fortunately, for Northumberland farms, we can provide those wheels in the form of trailers – including silage, grain, bale, dump and root crop trailers.

The other agricultural equipment you can opt to hire from us includes vacuum tankers, muck spreaders, power harrows and salt and sand spreaders. Then there’s our tractor hire service, which lets you source tractors of just the right specification for the job at hand.


The various forms of machinery our workers have at their disposal include a Kuhn weigh cell fertiliser spreader we are able to control via a GPS system. In this way, we can take good advantage of the spreader’s section control, auto shutoff and variable rate spreading functions.

This spreader can be used with most precision farming systems – and we also have 12-tonne HD rear delivery spreaders with spinning decks and weigh cells. Hence, we can spread various materials, including chicken manure, paper waste and compost.

Due to the weigh cells fitted to our loaders, we can spread exactly as much material on the fields as needed.

Farm work
Farm work


Our fleet includes two Lexicon combine harvesters which can be used in a 4-wheel drive format. These are fitted with Terra-Trac GPS track solution, yield mapping, Vario headers and twin verticle knives. This allows us to combine and directly cut oil seed rape. Contact our team today for more information.

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